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Disable the login window tutorials for Windows on your computer, laptop or pc time, when the computer is switched on: 02 17 45 Hahaterryfunny perspective. A YouTube ad block 724 ProsUsing saves time. ConsIt has only one problem, which leads to heavy shipping. Summaryi is a normal YouTube users and most of the time, the I to upload or download videos from YouTube. Several times I change the advertising or popups, YouTube surfing. It gets irritated because of this. But with YouTube ad block was a great help and now I am free of these problems. I like, I hope that this also. Respond to this review was useful for this report. (0) (0). ProsNO show! ideal for those who love to see that because more and more advertising and even those who cannot be ignored, ID certainly recommend programs on YouTube this be forced for someone who has tired, thousands of seeing the show in 10 minutes. I recommend anyone who only has used once in a blue moon (that you would see in real life). ) Consdon know what makes the program basically everything that I know, if some script-driven JavaScripts, Summarydownload, haha, change and install without delay! Respond to this review was useful for this report. (0) (0). Pro - adds n. disadvantages jumps at the end of every video you see at any one time cannot be uninstalled, came up with a couple of additional programs for absolutely useless (more virus Delia) SummaryIf white, how do you remove someone there please let me now. I'm tired, watch a video on YouTube and then suddenly ends due to this addon. It must be always the most stupid and annoying ad block. Seriously can you uninstall this s * t! Respond to this review was useful for this report. (0) (0). ConsDoesn works ProsNone, regarding the blocking YouTube. Install an additional waste. Do not uninstall. Summaryi I don't see why someone would use this application. I did it because AdBlock plus some problems with YouTube (note the load to the top of the video image), but this seems to be redundant. I also suspect that at least some of the positive comments are written. They strive for this report, this review? (1) (0) advertising YouTube ProsBlock is very useful. Advertise on YouTube, are very boring, if you like, and you hear a song that when your world of children, appear to jump, pop up blocker youtube as advertisements. But blocking advertising YouTube get rid of concerns, I hear playlist without advertising. Cons not guilt, what was it, in this program as a response to this report was this review helpful? (0) (1). ProsWe as soon as possible all messages to delete from YouTube, which is very annoying! So, it's a professional! ConsThere are not these things that I've found so far! I think it is just amazing! SummaryWell, require all members and non-members even try! I bet that hurt or disappoint. It's just that it is very surprising! Respond to this review was useful for this report. (0) (1). Add your comment, that it is prohibited to advertisements, to publish profanity or personal attacks. Click here to read our terms and conditions. Since you have already posted a review on this product, add to this presentation as an update of the first review. Send cancel send advertisements, profanity or personal attacks is prohibited. Click here to read our terms and conditions. If you believe this comment is offensive or violates the terms of use by CNET, they report it might suite (this comment is not automatically removed). Once reported, our staff will be notified and the comment will be considered. Choose the nature of the offence:. .