Pop Up Blocker 8.1

Pop Up Blocker

As with all the others who have responded to this problem, I have a problem with popups. Not only has my computer several allow pop ups, but slow on my computer. I thought that Norton 360 and like many others, I have between him and the software from Microsoft that is fully protected. However, in February, my computer fell through a serious Trojan horses. I ended up with. It landed in the RAS [-] workstations.  Once again, I was hit by another virus all last week.   I called and it was fixed within an hour. During the cleaning, I realized that technicians use malwarebytes, quoted by someone in the group but that you also have SUPRAntiSpyware downloads. Many withdrew more problems, the lost Norton 360 and Windows Defender is. Other what is most useful is called CCleaner.   My husband pop up blocker 8.1 used on your computer, so I tried it on my own.   It was like a field of clearing mines. And all three of these programs are free. The first time I have CCleaner, found more than 4300 more threats, it is not Windows Defender!Please note that safety is also never especially in these days, we hold very important information on your computer. I hope it will help them. Lori,.